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CmbLibCard2012smallApplying for a Card at Cumberland County Library

Users must come to the library with proper identification to receive a library card. In addition to completing and signing a card registration form, the applicant should provide one of the following forms of recognized identification:

Adults (users 18 and over) 

  • Valid driver's license with current address
  • Valid vehicle registration with current address
  • Valid vehicle insurance card with current address
  • New Jersey State Photo ID with current address
  • Passport (recent and valid)
  • Voter registration (current year)
  • Military ID with current address and date
  • Current pay stub with a current address (within the past 30 days)
  • Recent utility bill with current address (within the past 30 days)
  • Property tax bill with current address
  • House deed
  • Certification of residency
  • Rent receipts with date, name, and address
  • If none of the above can be provided, then a registration from can be mailed from the library to applican'ts home address. As proof of address, both the form and the envelope must accompany the applicant when s/he returns to the library.

Juveniles and Young Adults (under age 18)

  • Parent or legal guardian must come in to complete and sign the registration form
  • Parent or legal guardian must show one of the proper forms of ID, listed above.
  • In the case of an "emancipated minor," recent court documents with current address are acceptable forms of identification.

Download a copy of the library card registration form.


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