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Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, 13th ed., 2012





Wall Street Journal - Career & Job News, Work, Employment & Salary Trends
Information for advancing your career. Includes news and trends, career strategies,and a job serach feature.
Wall Street Journal, The
Online edition of the Wall Street Journal.
Washington Post, The
Online edition of the Washington Post.
Weather Channel - Education, The
The Weather Classroom, a daily broadcast is aimed at students. Teachers can tape this every day without copyright restrictions. In addition, check out the Resources section of the Teacher’s Lounge for classroom activities.
Weather Channel, The
Online version of the Weather Channel. Provides a national and local weather forecast.
Weather Channel, The
Official site of The Weather Channel. Includes forecasts for anywhere in the U.S. Sections: Health, Travel, Home & Garden, Recreation, Sporting Events, and Golf.
Weather Dude, The
A colorful site from Nick Walker, meteorologist with The Weather Channel. Sections: Weather Basics-An Online Book, Meteorology A-Z, Forecasts, Maps & Records, Weather Songs, Stuff for Teachers/Parents (including lesson plans & activity sheets), Stuff for Kids and Atmospheric Art.
Weather Eye, The
A fun, colorful site to teach children about the weather. Sections: Cadet Section (grades 2-8), Expert Section (grades 6-12), Teacher’s Lounge (lesson plans & activities), and Parents’ Center.
Weather Legacy of Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, The
A biographical sketch of Sir Francis Beaufort, who developed the Wind Force Scale still in use today.
Weather or Not Module
An educational module for grades 5-12 in which students use the links provided to determine the weather forecast for a specific time and location. Sections: Situation, Satellite Picture, & Monitoring Resources.
Web - servers at Statistical Agencies
This site has links to all the government statistics sites on the Web, and informs you of the languages available.
Web Dental Office
Information and graphics. Sections: The Mouth, Oral Hygiene Tips, Dental Advice for Children, Dental Problems, The Dentist, and Links. There is also a Games section with dental related games.
Web Developer's Virtual Library
WDVL contains an excellent collection of web site development resources. It covers authoring, design, Web Programming and scripting, etc.
Web Weather for Kids
A fun, colorful site for students with activities that can be done at home or in the classroom. A Teacher Tips section gives teacher tips for each activity (click on the list of activities).
WebElements Periodic Table
Find key data on all the elements, most useful if you know the atomic number or symbol. An excellent general resource.
WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. The site features a Symptom Checker tool to aid users attempting to self-diagnose simple medical problems.
Offering potential job seekers company research, career-related information and advice, and links to job opportunities.
What Do They Do
A Kids' educational site about different career fields.
What Does Your Phone Number Spell?
Comes up with a word or phrase from your phone number.
What's in a Name: Understanding Malcolm X - Lesson Plan
Students investigate the four stages of the life of Malcolm X and how the four names he used fit those periods of his life.
White House, The
Educate yourself to astounding depths about the executive branch of our government, as well as the artistic and historical merits behind the nation's mansion - the largest in the US before the Civil War.
Why Files, The
The science behind the news.
Why Files, The
Explains the science behind the news, a great background source to explain such stories as the discovery of evidence of ancient life on Mars. There are weekly updates, discussion forums, archives, and brainteasers.
Why is the Sky Blue Lesson Plan
Wikipedia is a free online enclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers from around the world. It is one of the largest and most visited reference sites on the Web, covering a vast range of topics; however, articles vary widely in accuracy and quality, and this site should be read with caution if being used for research purposes, especially in regard to controversial topics.
Wired Chemist, The
This site contains information about NMR spectroscopy, symmetry, a collection of molecular images and data tables, as well as tutorials for beginners.
Wired News
Internet news that can be also be delivered to your Inbox or handheld device.
Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction
An educational resource site for children.
The Workforce New Jersey Public Information Network.
Women a Week Archives
A list of links to biographies of notable women.
Women and Literature
A list of 15 women authors with short biographical sketches and excerpts from their works.
Women and Social Movements in the United States 1820 - 1940
Examines in depth the role of women in various social movements in the 19th and 20th centuries. Includes excerpts from original documents. A Teacher’s Corner includes several lesson plans at the secondary level.
Women Artists in History
Links to information on women artists from medieval times to contemporary.
Women in the Ancient World
“The status, role and daily life of women in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, Athens, Israel and Babylonia. Sections: Introduction, Dowry and Bride Price in the Ancient World, Women in Ancient Egypt, Women in Ancient Rome, Women in Greece, Women in Ancient Israel, and Women in Babylonia Under the Hammurabi Law Code.
Women in the Gold Rush
Dedicated to the women who followed the dream (or followed the men who followed the dream) of the California Gold Rush. Sections: The Women (including excerpts from letters and diaries), For California’s Gold, Daughter of Joy, They Saw the Elephant…, The Elephant, Author JoAnn Levy, The Gold Rush. Note that the site promotes the books by JoAnn Levy.
Women in World History Curriculum
Sections include: Great Women Rulers; Women in the First Millennium; Female Heroes; Words of Wisdom; Lesson Plans; The Burqa, Chador, Veil and Hijab!; and Links.
Women's History in America
Information on women’s history with biographies, Words of Wisdom, Birthdates and more.
Women's Resource on the Net
Links of links to women’s resources on the net.
Women's Suffrage Timeline
A timeline of the Women’s Suffrage Movement from 1776 to 1923.
World Development Reports
The World Bank's annual World Development Report provides a wide international readership with an extraordinary window on development economics. Each year, the report focuses on a specific aspect of development.
World Gazetteer
This site contains information about current population of countries, their administrative divisions, cities and towns as well as images of the current national flags. The site is frequently updated.
World Travel Guide
Information on destinations around the world, including data appropriate for school reports.
WPVI - TV 6 Action News
Philadelphia's news show on the web with weather, programming, the day's news stories.
WPVI -TV Action News
Philadelphia's Channel 6.
WWW Virtual Library
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
Maps, governmental agencies, country reports and more.
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources, The
Contains 37 international affairs categories with over 2000 annotated links. It is frequently updated and well-maintained.

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