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Databases subsidized from the NJ State Library, plus databases especially chosen for our users.

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ICategories beginning with "I"
Indexes, Insurance, ISPs
Images of African Americans from the 19th Century
A large collection of images of African Americans. Sections: Civil War, Education, Family, Labor, Slavery, Portraits: Men, Portraits: Women, Portraits: Children, Portraits: Groups, Slavery, Politics, and much more. Each image is annotated as to caption and source.
Income Based Repayment Program
A federal student aid program that anyone with a federal student loan can apply for that caps monthly payments based on income, and forgives remaining balances after 25 years. Those choosing to work in public service could have their loans forgiven after just 10 years.
Incredible Art Department, The
A useful tool for teachers and students.
Infoplease is a comprehensive reference source that combines the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas, and several almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and historical records. A single search engine allows you to search all these sources at once.
Informacion Gubernamental Seguro Social
Esta pagína le de ínformacíon officíal del seguro socíal. Tambíen muestra ínformacíon acerca de sus benefícíos y oblígacíones.
Information Today, Inc.
The newspaper for users and producers of electronic information services, as well as other periodicals, books, directories, and online products for the library and information user and professional.
Many resources for the entrepreneur and small business owner.
Inmigracion y Visas
Informese de sus derechos como ínmígrante, como obtener sus vísa, nuevas leyes, y much mas.
This web site uses text, drawings, and animation to explain body parts and systems.
Inspira Health Network
News and patient information for the Cumberland area hospital. Also includes a health library, featuring a wide variety of good information.
Institute of Contemporary Art
The Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art offers information about and images from current exhibits and links to other art sites.
Institute of Historical Dance Homepage, The
15th to 19th century dance.
Insurance Buyers Guide
A site featuring background information on all types of insurance, quotes, links to ratings and companies, and a glossary. The Consumer Insurance Guide
An insurance information web site divided into both consumer and professional areas. Aside from the standard background information, quotes, and insurance company guide (from Standard and Poor's, there are interesting "tools" featuring a crash test rating guide, auto repair parts, and earthquake rates, among others. - Weather for Active Lives
Weather forecasts for anywhere in the U.S.
Interest rate information for mortgages including calculators.
International Money Fund (IMF)
These sometimes book-length documents prepared by IMF staff teams review major economic developments in all member countries. The publications cover assessment of risks and tend to be current. Type in your country in the subject box.
Internet 800 Directory
Search by product name.
Internet African American History Challenge
Use the brief biographies of important African Americans in the 1800s to answer the questions in the Challenge. The Challenge has three levels.
Internet Mental Health
Prepared by Canandian psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Long. A free encyclopedia of mental health information.
Internet Movie Database
The internet's biggest database of information about movies, actors, television shows, production crew personnel, and video games.
Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is the first public library of and for the Internet community.
Internet Public Library
An internet version of a typical library reference section.
Intervention Central
Created by psychool psychologist Jim Wright, this site offers practical tools to teachers and parents in helping students to successfully adjust to school and promote positive behaviors.
INVESTools Homepage
Customize a portfolio, check market activity, or find individual stock quotes.
IRS en Español, El
Informese sobre lo que necesíta para presentar la declaracíon de ímpuestos.
IRS Forms and Publications
The U.S. Treasury home page provides eight years' of forms and publications, including extension. "IRS e-file," "Forms by U.S. Mail," "Links to State Forms," and "Tax Packages" make this a one-stop center. Note: Adobe Acrobat is required to read these results.
Language and research tools for searching the Web.
Meta-search engine for web searches, MP3, news, and pictures.

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