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Databases subsidized from the NJ State Library, plus databases especially chosen for our users.

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Encyclopedia of Education, 2003





Encyclopedia of Religion, 2005





Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2004






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European Views of the Americas:1493 to 1750

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E-cycling Central: Find a Recycler
Electronics waste is growing exponentially. Recycling, or "E-cycling," electronic items is critical for preserving landfill space and for ensuring that hazardous materials used to make electronics are properly disposed of. This site will help you find reuse, recycling, and donation programs across the country.
Earthlink provides award-winning Internet access and communication services to millions of customers.
Ebony Online
Each month EBONY gives readers the best about achievers in entertainment, sports, education, communications, business, law, medicine, religion, and more.
This site has 1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources, arranged by subject and provider, pointers to the Web's premiere data collections, and our own list of the ten best sites for finding regional economic data.
Furnishes access to over 200,000 economic time series data.
Economist, The
Online companion to this popular magazine.
Economist, The
Site of the popular international business news publication.
Economist, The
Site of the popular international business news publication.
EDGAR Database
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's posted resource of corporate information and filings.
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Advice on pricing, buying, and financing your new or used car.
Education Index
Gateway to eduaction-related sites on the web.
Education World
Keeps teachers and administrators up-to-date on educational issues.
Education: Web Coloring Books
A simple coloring book to print out for kids on weather.
Educational Testing Service
Try practice questions for the GRE, and find out about the SAT, PRAXIS, etc.
Educational Testing Service
Site for the Educational Testing Service, a private nonprofit company which develops and administers tests worldwide on behalf of clients in education, government, and business.
Educational Topics A - Z
User-friendly site produced by the U.S. Department of Education.
Environmental education for students on life on earth, air pollution, climate change and much more. Includes crossword puzzles, jokes, word search, quizzes, poems, stories and more.
Links to organizations, collections, directories, and periodicals related to education.
El Niño - A Child of the Tropics
A student-created site on the weather phenomenon El Niño. Sections: Introduction, The Hype, The Impacts, Interactive Timeline, La Niña, Prediction Methods, and The Preparation.
El Niño - Child of the Tropics
An introduction from NASA on the effects of El Niño. It explains how the weather phenomenon has far-reaching effects such as killing coral reefs. Includes three classroom activities.
El Niño - Hot Air Over Hot Water
The Franklin Institute’s site on El Niño. It starts with simple experiments on the effects of hot water on the atmosphere and delves into the science.
Emergency Education Quiz
A short quiz on being prepared for a weather-related disaster or other natural disaster (such as an earthquake). Short but effective.
Emma Goldman Papers, The
Emma Goldman was a major figure in the history of American radicalism and feminism. Sections include: Publications from the Emma Goldman Papers Project, Primary Sources, Features, Emmerabilia, Links and more.
A free online encyclopedia, features premier titles like The Columbia Encyclopedia, Oxford’s World Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of World Biography. offers millions of free articles, pictures, facts, and biographies.
End of the Civil Rights Movement
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 on the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the rights and racial relationships we have today. Includes suggested readings and web links.
Energy Quest
A very extensive collection of energy-related fun and educational activities for students. Colorful graphics. Activities include: “Devoured by the Dark (an online weekly horror story); “Percy’s Puzzles”; “Ask Dr. Questor”; “Poor Richard’s Energy Almanac”; “Super Scientists”; “Energy Patrol” and much more. An outstanding site.
Entertainment Weekly Online
Web-only news from one of the world's most popular and best-selling entertainment magazines.
Recipes, restaurants, and food in general. Visitors to the site who sign up for memebership can share their own recipes and rate those of other contributors.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
Directory of links to online resources to provide balanced information concerning educational assessment and resources to encourage responsible test use.
ERIC Database
Journal and non-journal education literature. Over 340,000 documents continuing as far back as 1966.
Offers website hosting, development, and eAdvertising.
A resource guide providing links to primary historical documents from Western European history in transcribed form. These documents are often in their original languages, but many are translated into English. They are arranged by country, and chronologically within those national categories.
This directory of European businesses can be searched by product or service or company name in multiple languages. It can be arranged by industrial sectors.
A site for currency conversion, with today's and yesterday's rates, plus country facts, charts and travel information.
Expedia Travel: Cheap Airfare, Hotels, Car Rental, Vacations & Cruises
Exploring Amistad at Mystic Seaport
The story of the Amistad. Includes the Story, the Significance, People and Places involved, 500 Primary Sources (i.e. Personal papers, court records, government records), Timeline and more. An outstanding site with a huge amount of information.
Extreme Weather
A student-created website on extreme weather. Sections: Radar and Warning Systems; Tornadoes, Cyclones; & Microbursts; Hurricanes; Regional Weather Expressions; Tornado Alley Game; Other Weather Resources; and References.
Extreme Weather Sourcebook 2001
Full title: “Economic and Other Societal Impacts Related to Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Lightning, and Other U.S. Weather Phenomena” A simple factbook on weather-related storm damage in the U.S. in 2001 and in previous years. Sections: Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, U.S. Composite, Lightning and Other.
Eyes of Glory
Documents Black History and Jewish History in Rhode Island with photos, text and artifacts. Sections: Black History, Jewish History, Family Story and Artifacts.

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