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Databases subsidized from the NJ State Library, plus databases especially chosen for our users.

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 Includes several New Jersey newspapers.

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Alternative Energy, 2007





America's News Magazines
American Decades, 2001





American Law Yearbook






A & E
The Arts and Entertainment Channel.
A. M. Best: The Insurance Information Source
One of the pre-eminent sources for ratings information on insurance companies. On this site one can search compiled databases of over 6,000 life/health, property/casualty, and international insurance companies. Use "ratings search" rather than the quick search on the main page for more detailed searching. Site does require that the user create an account to access most areas.
The official site of the American Broadcasting Company.
AbeBooks is an online marketplace. More than 110 million new, used, rare, and out-of-print books are offered for sale through the AbeBooks websites from thousands of booksellers around the world.
Aboard a Slave Ship, 1829
Although the United States had banned the importation of slaves, the trade continued. The author was aboard one of the ships patrolling the seas off the coast of Africa, boarding suspected slave ships and confiscating the ships when slaves were found. The site includes his firsthand account of the wretched conditions.
Accounting Glossary - Accounting Dictionary - Accounting Terms
This site contains a dictionary of accounting terms.
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Look up more than 4 million acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms with their definitions.
Acronyms and Initialisms for Health Information Resources
Acronyms specifically targeted at data resources in health, medical, and veterinary sciences. Includes some links to sites.
ACS - American Chemical Society
The official site of the American Chemical Society. Search ACS journals for free and purchase articles. Other links of the page include Build your Career, Global Chemistry network, ACS committees, divisions, local sections, and Educational Resources.
Adobe - Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions software offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Use it to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline.
Adventure Online
Follow real-life expeditions around the world, learning about the environment, wildlife, people and geography of the region. Current expedition teams are in the Arctic, Africa, Caribbean, and Greenland. Includes photos, journal entries, maps and much more.
Advertising Age
Source of marketing, advertising and media news, information, and analysis.
Advertising World
This marketing communications guide is a comprehensive directory ranging from discussion groups to specific products.
Africa Online
A gateway site for many African sites divided into sections such as Business & Finance, Sports, Travel, Education, Health, Music and more. Focuses on Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Includes current weather and news information.
African - American Experience in Ohio
This selection of manuscript and printed text and images drawn from the collections of the Ohio Historical Society illuminates the history of black Ohio from 1850 to 1920, a story of slavery and freedom, segregation and integration, religion and politics, migrations and restrictions, harmony and discord, and struggles and successes. An American Memory collection from the Library of Congress.
African - American History
Huge site of links. Includes Civil Rights & Politics, Society & Culture, Kwanzaa books, Creative Arts and more.
African American Civil War Memorial to U.S. Colored Troops
Information on this memorial in Washington, DC honoring the African Americans who served in the Civil War. Includes a brief history of the troops, photos and more.
African American History
Documents important events in African-American history. Divided into five segments: The Dred Scott Case 1857; After the Civil War 1865-1900; Early Civil Rights Struggles 1945-1955; The Civil Rights Movement 1955-1965 and School Integration 1955-1975.
African American History - Digital Library
A large number of links to African American history sites.
African American History Through the Arts
Sections: Traditional African Art, Africans in European Art, Pre-Civil War Art, Images Since Reconstruction, and 20th Century Art. Each section focuses on types of art or artists.
African American Mosaic - A Library of Congress Exhibit
Permanent and rotating online exhibits from the Library of Congress on African American history.
African American Odyssey
Outstanding online exhibit of the African American collection at the Library of Congress. A selection from the LOC’s collection featuring text, photos, documents and much more.
African American Playwrights - Women of Color, Women of Words
Information on African American women writers and playwrights. Includes information for teachers.
African American Population Shifts - Lesson Plan
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 using census data to determine how African American populations shifted in the last century and the reasons for those movements. Includes suggestions for adapting the lesson to older students and for additional reading and web links.
African American Sheet Music from Brown University
This collection consists of 1,305 pieces of African-American sheet music dating from 1850 through 1920. The collection includes many songs from the heyday of antebellum black face minstrelsy in the 1850s and from the abolitionist movement of the same period. Numerous titles are associated with the novel and the play Uncle Tom's Cabin. Civil War period music includes songs about African-American soldiers and the plight of the newly emancipated slave. Post-Civil War music reflects the problems of Reconstruction and the beginnings of urbanization and the northern migration of African Americans. You can search by keyword, title, or subject. The music gives an insight into African American culture.
African American Warriors
Profiles of African Americans in the military: the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, up to the present. Articles, photos, links.
African American Web Connection
A gateway site for the whole family with an African American point of view. Includes Art & Poetry, Authors, Business, Churches, Prominent People, Entertainment, Resources, History, more much more.
African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
An online collection of works by African American women writers of the 19th century, both poetry and prose.
African Americans - Historical Almanack
Discusses the life of African Americans in colonial times in the Williamsburg area. Includes proclamations (including early emancipation proclamations), advertisements, diaries, biographies and more.
Genealogical research and resources on African Ancestored Genealogy. Includes how to search, where to search, tips for beginners, surnames, extensive links and more.
Guide to out-of-print or hard to find books.
All Law
Research local, state, and federal laws, and even search for attorneys using the expansive service.
Alta Vista
Can search results in either English or Spanish; also features the Babelfish automatic translator.
Amazing Planet Facts, Earth Stories
OurAmazingPlanet explores the wonder and beauty of Earth through news, features and images.
The largest online retailer in the world.
Amelia Earhart
Profile of America’s most famous woman pilot. Sections: The Early Years, The Celebrity, and The Last Flight.
America's Job Bank Transition
The perfect source for employers and job-seekers to connect.
America's Library
Designed and maintained by the Library of Congress, this web site is designed for families and children to learn about America and its history.
American Art Therapy Association
This site provides information on Educational Standards for Art Therapists and other information concerning this career.
American Association of Individual Investors
The American Association of Individual Investors specializes in providing education in the areas of stock investing, mutual funds, portfolio management, and retirement planning.
American Authors on the Web
Contains information on over 700 authors.
American Council on Education
Provides much information on issues and topics rated to higher education.
American Heritage
A magazine series celebrating what it means to be American.
American Journalism Review
This is the online version of the American Journalism Review, a national magazine that covers all aspects of print, television, radio and online media.
American Law Sources On - line (ALSO)
These links to the legal systems in the US, Canada, and Mexico (bilingual) are available free of charge.
American Memory Collection
Thousands of photographs and pages of text in over 70 online collections are included in the Library of Congress’ National Digital Library. A must site for history and cultural research. Outstanding.
American Psychological Association Home Page
This is the main page for the American Psychological Association, the older of the two major organizations of American psychologists. APA publishes many of the major journals in psychology.
American Red Cross
Information from the American Red Cross on how to prepare for a serious storm and what services they can provide in the aftermath.
American Slave Narratives - An Online Anthology
Additional narratives from the WPA collection of former slaves. Includes sound files. Includes links to sites featuring more information and narratives.
American Universities
Gateway to a large number of university home pages.
American Women in Uniform - Veterans Too!
Dedicated to the thousands of women who have served in the military (both officially and unofficially) since the founding of our country. Sections include: Revolutionary War Women, Civil War Women, World War I Women, Women Who Were Spies, Military Women Pilots, etc. Includes a very large amount of information (with some opinions included).
American Women's History: A Reference Guide
An online reference guide to resources for the study of women’s history. Includes both print and online resources.
AMG All Music Guide
Ratings and reviews of more than 400,000 record albums.
Amistad Trials
Very thorough examination of the Amistad trials with Maps of the Voyages, Newspaper Accounts, Chronology, Biographical Sketches of Trial Participants, Sketches of the Amistad, the Trial Record, Supreme Court Records and Decisions, Letters and Diary Entries, Images, links and more. An outstanding site.
Annual Credit Report
Site set up by the big three credit reporting agencies in the United States to furnish free annual credit reports, as required by law.
The AntennaWeb mapping program maximizes your television reception. Based on geographical maps and signal strengths, AntennaWeb locates the best antenna for you.
Includes white and yellow pages, reverse look ups, and toll-free numbers.
AOL is one of the biggest ISPs in the country.
Art Cyclopedia: The Guide to Fine Art
Searchable guide to artists, artwork and museums.
Ask any question, and see your possible results.
Association for Psychological Science
This site includes a listing of the home pages of psychology departments across the country, employment listing, teaching and research resources, and a complete list of Organizations/Societies that are concerned with psychology-related matters.
Astronomy for Kids
Particularly useful for solar system information for the younger set.
Atlantic County
Atlantic County is widely recognized as a great place to live, work, visit, and raise a family. This site serves as a guide to what Atantic County has to offer.
Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
Since 1995, this has been the internet's most comprehensive listing of websites offering information on hurricanes, radar and satellite data.
Atlantic, The
Website about this popular book magazine and online information service.
Atlapedia Online
Almanac, atlas and encyclopedia on both geography and countries.
Unbiased research information to aid automobile users.
Awful 8 - Air Pollutants Lesson Plan, The
A lesson plan for grade 6 in which students must be able to list the major air pollutants and write and perform a play about them.

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